Stat 552





Stat 552 - Linear Models and Variance Components - 2013 Fall

Course Description

Theory of estimation and testing in full and non-full rank linear models. Normal theory distributional properties. Least squares principle and the Gauss-Markoff theorem. Estimability and properties of best linear unbiased estimators. General linear hypothesis. Application of dummy variable methods to elementary classification models for balanced and unbalanced data. Analysis of covariance. Variance components estimation for balanced data.

Time and Location

Lectures: Mon/Wed, 11:45am-1:00pm, 5270 SAS Hall
Recitation: Wed, 1:30pm-2:45pm, 5270 SAS Hall


Dr Hua Zhou
Office: 5264 SAS Hall
Phone: (919)515-2570
Office hours: Mon 2pm-4pm, Wed 3pm-4pm, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant

William Weimin Yoo
Office hours: Tue @ 11am-12pm and Fri @ 12pm-1pm at Tutorial Center in 1101 SAS Hall